Highlights from last report

(of 3 July 2015)

  • The stock of trade restrictions introduced by WTO Members since 2008 continues to rise.

  • Of the 2,416 trade restrictive measures introduced since October 2008, only 588 (24%) have been removed while the remaining 1,828 are still in place. Members introduced 104 new trade-restrictive measures during the period between mid October 2014 and mid-March 2015 (15 measures per month on average) and another 114 trade-liberalizing measures (16 measures per month on average).

  • Greater transparency is needed from Members in order to improve the understanding of the operation and effects of non-tariff barriers to trade.

Key findings from last report

Executive summary from last report and from previous report

The database provides information on trade measures implemented by WTO members and observers since October 2008. The data is taken from the regular Trade Monitoring Reports prepared by the WTO Secretariat. All information is submitted to the relevant delegation for confirmation; information that it is not confirmed is clearly indicated in the database. The database is updated every time a new report has been discussed by WTO members.

Last update: 23 July 2015
Next update expected by end 2015

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